Plans for CAC bodybuilding championships set out
Tropical Mist monument unveiled By Clyde Pestano
Stabroek News
January 30, 2004

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The Guyana Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) yesterday unveiled its plans for the upcoming international championships, which Guyana will host. Also unveiled was the Tropical Mist monument dedicated to the event at the headquarters of beverage giant Banks DIH, Thirst Park.

The monument, which was moulded by clay artist Jerry Gittens, is made of clay and sawdust as well as some other ingredients which he did not disclose. It depicts a male bodybuilder holding a bottle of Tropical Mist in his right hand.

The Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Body-building Championships are slated for Guyana from October 1 - 3 and 38 countries are expected. The GABBFF yesterday outlined comprehensive plans for the hosting of the championships which seek to also promote Guyana.

Very soon the federation will launch weekly press features, call-in radio and television programmes and an article in the BWIA magazine Caribbean Beat. This coverage will continue in the upcoming months. Several promotions will also be held.

Also planned are the CAC fitness expo; the erecting of a 20-foot giant-sized replica of the Tropical Mist Monument; flags of the different countries flown all along Homestretch avenue; newspaper ads in New York and Toronto, targeting especially Guyanese; as well as presentations in Suriname.

The event is being marketed as a package titled 'Homecoming Championship Week'. Tours to the country's interior and other locations are being arranged with local tour operators and officials hope this activity will help push Guyana's tourism drive.

The GABBFF has established nine committees, which are responsible for various tasks. These committees are sponsorship and fund-raising, athletes, local promotions, contest venue, fitness expo, accommodation and tours, transportation, contest and hospitality and reception.

Jay Small, accounting executive of King Advertising Ltd told the gathering that when the federation launched plans for CAC 2004 in 2002, Banks DIH was very much on board. According to her King Advertising Ltd was also pleased to be a part of the activities. Winston Callender, Water and Rum Manager of Banks DIH stated that his company has always been committed to supporting sport in Guyana and its involvement is a continuation of that support.

Muneir Khan, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, who represented Minister Manzoor Nadir, stressed the ministry's awareness of the tourism implications of the event. He wished the organizers complete success and congratulated the federation for its plans and progress made so far. He also lauded the contributions of Banks DIH as well as the other stakeholders involved in bringing off the event.