Situation normal again at Dredge Creek Primary
Stabroek News
January 21, 2004

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Following the closing of the Dredge Creek Primary School by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) last Thursday owing to deplorable conditions, the Region Two administration responded by fixing the bridge over the Manakuru Canal to enable students and teachers to have safe access to the school.

And classes resumed on Monday, Regional Executive Officer Nandkishore Persaud said. The REO also informed on Monday that the Works Department has started to prefabricate structures for toilets and these will be transported and placed over new pits within two days.

He said further that as soon as weather conditions allow a grader will be sent to fix the dam. The REO noted that both the access dam and the bridge were included in the 2004 estimates as works to be done once the funds are made available.

Meanwhile, access to the Onderneeming sand pit has normalised after residents last Sunday blocked the route with wood and tree limbs to protest what they said was the poor condition of the road. The protest action caused a large build-up of trucks waiting for entry to the sand and loam pits.

This engaged the attention of the police and Regional Vice-Chairman, Vishnu Samaroo.

On Monday a grader was used to fix the road.

The REO said that during rainy periods the bar across the road entrance will be locked to prevent heavy vehicles using the roadway.