999 is a 'dummy'
Stabroek News
January 20, 2004

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The three nines attached to several telephone numbers on a list proving there was contact between Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj and slain murder accused Axel Williams serve no useful purpose.

Sources at the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) told Stabroek News yesterday that the number was simply a "dummy" used on its phone card platform.

According to the source this number is not specifically assigned to any person as is being assumed in some quarters and there is nothing sinister behind it.

A printed list containing telephone numbers obtained by the media recently to prove there was contact between Gajraj and Williams revealed several numbers, which began with the digits 999.

The numbers were revealed because the list may have been obtained prior to it being put in billing format, the source further explained.

The source confirmed that what the numbers revealed was that the person making the calls had used a phone card.

Much has been made of the discovery of telephone contact between the home affairs minister and Williams who information reveals had been linked to a death squad.

Gajraj had confirmed that he spoke to Williams on several occasions while observing that the revelations might be considered a breach of confidentiality, which his contacts with Williams and others was expected to achieve.