PTA protests awful conditions at Dredge Creek Primary School
Stabroek News
January 19, 2004

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The Dredge Creek Primary School in Region Two was forced to close its doors last Thursday to protest the deplorable conditions which exist there, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Chairman Franklin John said.

John, who was accompanied by several parents including Agatha Joseph and Brian Fitz Allen, explained that the footbridge over the nearby Manakuru Canal was no longer safe for children and teachers to use, while the access dam was in a deplorable state owing to rain and constant trampling by animals.

He said also the sanitation facilities of the school had broken down and were no longer safe. The number on roll at the school is 75.

The PTA Chairman noted further that this situation has been existing for a long time despite several requests to the administration for urgent remedial works.

Parents from the area informed Stabroek News that District Education Officer Mohamed Y. Baksh visited the school last Thursday to have a first-hand look at the situation. However he was unavailable for comment the next day and it was not possible to make contact with REO Nandkishore Persaud since he was out of the region.

Meanwhile, acting REO Ramadar said that a team from the Works Department was to visit the school that day to see what remedial works could be done.