Enough chicken but prices still high
Stabroek News
January 17, 2004

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Chicken supplies are freeing up after the Christmas squeeze although prices remain high.

Prices at Bourda and Stabroek Markets have held firm at $180/lb retail while stall holders there are purchasing at $140/lb.

At city supermarkets prices have not budged though the chickens in the freezers seem to be bigger with prices from $195/lb to just above $200.

In Essequibo, a major supplier says he is purchasing wholesale chicken for $140/lb and selling wholesale $157/lb and retail at $170/lb. This is down $10 from the Christmas retail price.

At Linden prices remain at $170 and plucked chicken is selling for $140/lb wholesale.

In November retailers were complaining that they could not get enough chicken and that major suppliers were not capable of satisfying demand. Retail prices then had reached $160 to $200 per lb.

Observers say many of the problems with local supply have come about because of the sharply increased tariff on imported parts imposed in November 2003. It was the case that when local supplies ran short as part of a production cycle, imports would fill the gap.

Bureau of Statistics records show an average of 177.28/lb for chicken up to the end of November last year.