Credible evidence needed for probe of Gajraj
Stabroek News
January 15, 2004

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Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday said that government's action in investigating allegations against Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj, would not be dictated by sections of the media, obscure bodies or the opposition.

According to Luncheon, these would instead be formed on the basis of credible accounts of the death squad allegations by George Bacchus being lodged with the authorities by the complainant.

These could then form some reasonable encounter between the plaintiff and the bodies representing the law enforcement agencies instead of speculative and in some cases ridiculous claims from some quarters, Luncheon said at his weekly press briefing yesterday.

"No administration, particularly in Guyana, in the context of what has befallen the nation as regards the media and how it operates and conducts its business, no administration will use media reports as a basis for launching investigations into functionaries," Luncheon said.

He said that with the flurry of allegations there must be some effort by those making them to draw to the administration's attention the basis on which they are being made.

He said that the claims would have to be substantiated and dealt with in a procedural way for the administration to move beyond merely taking note of the issue.

Questioned on what would form of credible evidence was needed, he said it was neither for him nor the media to determine, as it was the job of those agencies to which such tasks are assigned.