Reform of postal services underway
Third refurbished office launched at Parika By Iana Seales
Stabroek News
January 14, 2004

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The Guyana Post Office Cor-poration (GPOC) has embark-ed on a reform programme aimed at reinvigorating its workforce, refurbishing buildings and improving services.

Chairman of the GPOC Board, Bishop Juan Edghill made this disclosure at the re-launching of the Parika Post Office yesterday. He noted that the Parika office is the third postal building to be refurbished since the programme commenced. Offices at Bourda, Clonbrook and Black Bush Polder are to be refurbished shortly.

Properties Manager, GPOC, Ted Johnson, said yesterday that the cost of the restored Parika office amounted to $3.7 million, exceeding the budgeted cost of $2.5 million. He said that works were completed 37 days after operations commenced and ex-tended for a further five days.

Johnson said that private letter boxes were installed - a first for the community - the sanitary facilities were repaired, two new stairways were built, new fencing constructed and new flooring and roofing installed. He pointed out that additional days, labour and funds were needed for the new fence. He said that work had commenced on the office in December of last year.

Edghill said that GPOC is pursuing the reform programme with diligence, especially with regard to administrative services as it is investing in the training and development of its staff. Systems will be put in place to better manage resources and ensure that production is cost effective.

He said that technical staff was employed including a properties manager, to oversee buildings and maintenance, and a special service is now in place to boost the payment of utility bills at the office.

In addition, he said that community involvement will make things happen in the areas where postal offices are located. The GPOC is appealing to Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC) to assist with drainage, to vendors to desist from dumping garbage near the offices and to residents not to vandalise the buildings.

GPOC Board Director, Oscar Clarke said yesterday that Parika is a thriving community and is soon to be a town, therefore, it is natural that the GPOC would improve services offered in the area. Clarke noted that Parika is one of many areas that cried out for improvement in postal services.

Prime Minister, Sam Hinds during his brief address commended the GPOC for seeking to reform the postal sector. He noted that the corporation must work towards offering a more reliable and prompt service in an effort to compete with the courier services.