Kamarang Hospital recommissioned
Stabroek News
January 14, 2004

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A Health Ministry project to enhance health facilities in the hinterland received a shot in the arm on Monday when the Kamarang District Hospital in Region Seven (Cuyuni/ Mazaruni) was recommissioned.

A press release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) said Minister of Local Government and Re-gional Development, Harri-persaud Nokta, who was visiting the region, did the honours. In his address to the residents, the minister said that human development was a priority for the government. He said that although the geographical location of the villages can be a barrier, development will still continue.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rudolph Cummings, who along with senior Health Ministry officials accompanied Nokta, said that the provision of vaccines would be part of the enhancement. The release said the ministry will assist persons with the necessary training so that they can return to their communities to serve their people.

Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford, on behalf of the region, said that there should be an Outpatients' Department. Bradford also took the opportunity to hand over some materials to the women's craft group in Kamarang.

Villagers were given the opportunity to voice their concerns on various matters affecting them. Among their concerns, the villagers in Phil-lipai stated that the airstrip in the region needs upgrading so that larger aircraft can transport patients and goods. They added that it is very difficult to travel to Kamarang, then to Georgetown.

The residents said that they were grateful for the outboard engine which was provided by the Government but the engine is no longer working, so a new one is needed along with a chainsaw. Requests were also made for a new village office, the rehabilitation of the community centre, an increase in salary for teachers and a library which will improve literacy among students of the primary and secondary levels.