Death squad informant confronts suspects
- says he saw brother's killer in car
Stabroek News
January 13, 2004

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Minutes after George Bacchus confronted two men who he suspects were involved in the drive-by shooting that left his brother dead, he spotted the man who he says was the gunman.

Bacchus believes that he was the real target of the execution, which happened last Monday. He says he has given the man's name to the police.

A city undertaker and another man, said to be an ex-policeman, who were also identified by Bacchus, have been held in connection with the murder.

Yesterday, Bacchus said he spotted the gunman in a car on D'Urban Street, only minutes after he left the Brickdam Police Station where the confrontation took place.

Shafeek Bacchus was gunned down while sitting in front of his Princes Street home.

George Bacchus has admitted he was once an informant for an execution squad that was responsible for the death of several wanted men over the last year-and-a-half.

He has also implicated Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, as being involved in the activities of the group. Gajraj has dismissed Bacchus' claims as mere allegations without any validation.

The ex-policeman now in custody is said to be the manager of a business that allegedly has links to the squad.

Bacchus has visited the US embassy on several occasions and has given officials statements detailing what he knows about the squad.

He says he was only an informant and that he has no details of the actual killings. The government has said it is prepared to investigate Bacchus's claims once he makes a full statement.