Who killed these men?
Stabroek News
January 10, 2004

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Some of the recent killings which have been attributed to the gang include those of:

** November 23 - Trevor Manson-Hing is shot dead at the corner of James and Hill Street Albouystown; no arrests made;

** November 23 - Kwesi Williams is shot dead in the compound of the compound of the National Cultural Centre, one week after he escaped from gunmen in Buxton;

** November 17 - Businessman Michael Dublin, Mark Cato and Trevor Jarvis are shot dead in the Buxton/Friendship area;

** November 2 - Shawn Skeete is shot and killed at his `C' Field Sophia home;

** November 1 - taxi-driver Troy Francis Hinds gunned down in front of White Castle fish shop, Alberttown;

** October 24 - Andre Ettiena is abducted in Norton Street. His skeletal remains were found behind the Botanical Gardens on November 25;

** October 24 - Phillip Sergeant is kidnapped from his Joseph Pollydore Street home. He reportedly escaped and has not been heard from since;

** September 19 - Clive McLean and Clive Savory are both abducted and shot dead on the Pattensen road at Turkeyen;

** September 17 - Ronald Garnett is gunned down in Pike Street;

** September 6 - Eion Forte of East la Penitence is shot and killed in Freeman Street shortly after warned one of his friends to be careful;

** September 2 - Popular dancehall promoter Andre Williams called `Dougla Andre' is gunned down at the corner of Forshaw and Albert Streets.