Over 200 on overseas study scholarships
Stabroek News
January 7, 2004

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More than 200 Guyanese are studying abroad on scholarships as part of a Public Service Ministry (PSM) programme to build skills capacity.

A release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) said this scholarships division is responsible for the development of the country's human resources at the academic/ staff developmental levels, ensuring a cadre of highly qualified people for the public service/sector.

The release said the Head of the Public Service and Permanent Secretary within the PSM, Dr N. K. Gopaul reported that throughout the year over 100 overseas scholarships were awarded.

The release said there are 285 undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing studies outside of Guyana in such countries as the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Trinidad, China, France and Cuba where there are 252 alone. Under the Indian Technical Economic Co-operation programme another 45 scholarships are being arranged.

Hinterland students are also awarded scholarships to pursue studies at the Univer-sity of Guyana, the Guyana School of Agriculture, the Guyana Technical Institute, the Guyana Industrial Trading Centre and Queen's College.