East Coast residents struggle with floods
Ducks happy but donkeys homeless
Stabroek News
January 4, 2004

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Floodwaters were up to yesterday still causing problems for residents and small farmers from Montrose to Melanie.

The area around the Vijay Cinema at Good Hope looked more like a lake with the water around two-feet deep. Children seemed to be enjoying themselves pulling pieces of wood through the water.

But the adults were struggling to cope:

"Since Tuesday night rain fall and when I wake up Old Year's Day morning the place was flood," said Gaitree Persaud of Good Hope squatting area. "They bring a engine with a pump to throw water out within a couple of hours. There is a trench at the back when rain falls water comes up to the front."

"Every Christmas we get this," said 'Kealie' Chandrapaul also of Good Hope.
Bicycle on man: This cyclist carries his bike through the flooded Good Hope area yesterday. (Story on page 11) (Photo by Ken Moore)

"They have a pump working," he said, but "what they do is bring a pump when the place flooded and pump water out in three or four days. This pump would take about three weeks to pull down water," he predicted.

"I get about 2,000 birds and had to ease them off from the pen. Sell out some, give away some from the flood. Them is thing which is quick to pick up disease.

Flood cause me to get rid of my birds early. They suppose to grow for seven weeks but I had to sell the last 400 after four weeks at $150 a piece," he continued.

"My horse had a foal and I had to loose her on the road reserve, she got in a accident and dead..."

Further up the East Coast at Annandale Railway embankment the floodwater was at least ankle deep under several houses. Animals were huddling beside the road to keep dry. Residents said the water level was still not going down.

Dennis Daniels said, "I had 200-plus white birds (chickens), close to 300, but I had to throw them away. About 150 birds fall but if they been pumping this would not happen. I had 50 plus Creole ducks and had to hustle them out.

I had guinea pigs and two rabbits with about ten young rabbits, all pass away. I got pigeons dying... My cows end up in the street, and my donkeys can't come home because of the water."

The authorities say they are working hard to get the water levels down with pumps working overtime along the coast. Unfortunately more rain is expected over the next two weeks.