Bel Air hit remains mystery
Stabroek News
January 3, 2004

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The well-planned murder of ex-cop Axel Williams earlier this month is still a mystery, according to a police source.

The 36-year-old Williams of Roxanne Burnham Gardens was gunned down on the evening of December 10 on a street in Bel Air by a lone gunman.

A senior police officer said even though there had been much speculation as to who did the shooting, the force was still unable to track down the killer.

According to the officer, fingerprint and other forensic tests were conducted on the vehicle in which Williams was travelling but there have been no leads as yet.

A lone gunman using an M-70 rifle killed Williams who was at the time reversing a white Toyota minivan belonging to the Ashton and Debra (A&D) Funeral Parlour along Ireng Street.

Eyewitnesses had told this newspaper that Williams had no chance to defend himself from the gunman who pumped at least 20 bullets into him and the vehicle with some ricocheting onto a fence. The shooting occurred around 7:15 pm when the vehicle drove into Ituni Street from a southerly direction. It made another turn east into Ireng Street where Williams dropped off his employer for whom he had been performing bodyguard duties.

Police had confirmed that Williams was implicated in the August 8 death of 26-year-old Rodwell Ogle, a vendor who sold food on Mandela Avenue. Ogle had protested when Williams, a taxi driver at the time, had refused to pay him for a meal he took.

Williams shot the man three times and calmly drove away. He was apprehended for the offence and the matter taken before a coroner but no inquest was held.

More recently he was accused of being involved in the abduction and subsequent deaths of men living in the East and South Georgetown areas.