Former CoP denies 'phantom gang' link
Guyana Chronicle
March 31, 2004

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FORMER Commissioner of Police Floyd McDonald has categorically denied any link with any phantom gang and is calling on anyone with information to the contrary to come forward and speak up.

In a statement Monday night, Mr. McDonald, who demitted office on January 31st to make way for newly appointed Commissioner Winston Felix to assume office, said the operations mounted during his tenure to capture the prison escapees resulted from information garnered through the force's established intelligence gathering apparatus.

"I am totally annoyed over these insinuations, which are an attempt to besmirch my character," he added.

Said Mr. McDonald through his statement: "I WISH to state categorically that during my term as Commissioner of Police, contrary to reports being circulated, all Police operations mounted during our quest to capture the escapees of the jailbreak and other criminals linked to them was a result of intelligence garnered through our established intelligence gathering apparatus.

"At no time did the force engage the services of any group outside of the organization to conduct any operation or to garner intelligence during my tour.

"During my service in the Force I never met or spoke to the late Axel Williams, George Bacchus or any of their alleged associates. I never attended any meeting, briefing, debriefing or planning session with George Bacchus, Williams et al to plan any crime fighting strategy.

"I have received information that a serving member of the Guyana Police Force may have advised a certain embassy that I had knowledge of the operations of the Death Squad/Phantom Gang. I categorically deny these allegations and am calling on the person(s) to make their facts public and as law enforcement officer(s) do your duty.

"My previous silence on this matter is not an indication of guilt or any attempt to cover up any illegal activity, because I have not been involved in any. I performed my duties in a professional manner, and refuse to indulge in leaking information to the press or giving false information on clandestine meetings.

"I am totally annoyed over these insinuations, which are an attempt to besmirch my character."