'Rule of law march' & rally fail to attract large turnout
- Corbin's belligerent tone upset groups
Guyana Chronicle
March 22, 2004

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THE PNCR-led march, which saw participation by ROAR, Justice For All Party, WPA and pro-opposition trade unions, failed to attract any significant support. At the various assembly points, the march moved off some one hour after the scheduled starting time, with contingents numbering in the dozens.

The rally at the Square of the Revolution attracted several hundreds. But by the time the PNCR Leader Robert Corbin spoke after the representatives of ROAR, WPA, unions and CN Sharma, persons had begun to leave.

The PNCR leader, seemingly upset at the low turnout for the marches and the public meeting-size crowd for the rally, was belligerent in tone, littering his presentation with threats against peace in Guyana. The PNCR leader singled out the business community, the government and groups and Guyanese not in support of his protest campaigns for attacks and threats. The main issue addressed by Corbin was the allegations against the Minister of Home Affairs.

A leading political observer noted that for groups such as ROAR to be associated with an event, which threatened the peace in Guyana, confirms a strengthening alliance. The observer noted that the Private Sector Commission and GAP, among other organizations publicly stayed away from the activity, which was intended to heighten political tensions in Guyana.

On the tone of Corbin's speech, the observer commented: "Mr. Corbin seems upset by his party supporters' poor response to the protest, march and rally. Just about a dozen protest outside of the Ministry of Home Affairs and now the flopped 'rule of law' march and rally must be worrying to the PNCR Leader and the small support groups that expended political capital by aligning with the PNCR, whose supporters are known for their violent tendencies."

Of interest is the fact that Mr. Corbin's belligerent tone coincides with a resurgence of criminal activities along the East Coast of Demerara, pointed out the observer. On Friday night, a group of armed criminals suspected to be from Buxton robbed and terrorized a Lusignan family.

"Are the police being diverted to patrol the PNCR and other protest actions so as to distract them from protecting citizens from the criminals who operate on the East Coast?" queried the political observer. "The international community must take note of the direction Mr. Corbin wants to take Guyana. The PNCR Leader must not feel emboldened to threaten the population and peace and security in Guyana," added the observer.