Young woman found dead in bed By Shawnel Cudjoe
Guyana Chronicle
March 14, 2004

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A young mother’s blood-soaked body was found yesterday morning lying face down on her bed with a handle-less kitchen knife through her neck.

The body of 27-year-old Cathedra Parris called ‘Chiney’ of Lot 84 D’Urban and Breda Streets was found yesterday about 10:00 hrs. Her cousin Shonette Lawrence made the gruesome discovery.

Irate relatives are claiming that the act was committed by one of the woman’s close relatives who was always threatening to kill her. They further stated that when the man became intoxicated, the threats increased.

Parris was the mother of seven-year-old Tianne, six-year Keisha Alfred, five year old Tandika and four-year-old and Travis.

The woman’s mother, Patricia, told this newspaper that she last saw her daughter alive about 21:30 hrs on Friday when she had spoken to her and retired to bed.

She said that she found it very strange when she awoke yesterday and discovered that her daughter was not yet downstairs, since Parris was always an early riser.

Parris’ cousin, Shonette, also said that she suspected something was amiss when the woman did not come downstairs.

She said that she enquired about the woman’s whereabouts from the children who were standing at the window. They told her she was asleep.

However, she insisted that they open the door. Upon entering the bedroom, Shonette made the gruesome discovery.

She told the Sunday Chronicle that the woman was clad in a white vest, which was soaked in blood and a cream-coloured skirt.

The woman’s uncle, Charles Lawrence, said that he was convinced that his niece was killed by the close relative, since he claimed that the man was always threatening her.

He said that about 2:30 hrs yesterday, when he got up to prepare his snacks for work, he saw the man in the yard clad in a red jersey and three-quarter blue pants.

“I ask him what he doing here and he just watch at me and went through the gate”, Lawrence said.

He subsequently left for work, and later, received the tragic news that his niece was dead.