Skeleton discovery heightens concern for abducted taxi driver's whereabouts By Shirwin Campbell
Guyana Chronicle
March 13, 2004

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THE discovery of a human skeleton yesterday morning aback of Bachelor's Adventure created a stir in the community as many gathered at the scene hoping to get a glimpse of the remains.

According to a police press release about 08:30 hrs. a human skeleton was discovered aback of Bachelor's Adventure Squatting area by an estate field supervisor .

The Police statement added that what appears to be a bullet hole is observed on the left side skull.

"According to information, the field where the skeleton was found was burned and harvested about a month ago." The police press statement concluded.

The supervisor informed the Guyana Chronicle that he was supervising 15 workers when one of his employees made the gruesome discovery.

He explained that he immediately informed the Department Manager and the police were contacted.

He said that the skeleton was found in a drain and it would have been difficult to detect prior to his team working there, due to it being under water and the height of the cane field before harvesting.

The source told the Guyana Chronicle that police removed the bones and questioned several persons who witnessed the discovery.

Among those viewing the skeleton were the parents and relatives of missing Enterprise taxi driver Vikikanand Nandlall, who was abducted October 15, 2003 by a group of men on the Railway Embankment near Buxton.

One relative told the Guyana Chronicle that when they heard about the discovery they rushed to the scene.

The relative explained that they were hoping to identify a fabric of clothing, his fingernails or any other sign that would indicate that the skeleton belonged to Vikikanand; but were not successful.

We went to see the remains and based on area it was found we want to believe that it is him but police said they cannot determine until but after some examinations are completed.

After the taxi driver of Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara, was abducted a massive search was launched but police came up empty handed.

Abductors had threatened to kill Nandlall if they did not get the money they demanded but since the money was paid he has not been found.

Nandlall would have celebrated his 28th birthday the 16th of this month.