Teacher assault student on the loose By Shirwin Campbell
Guyana Chronicle
March 13, 2004

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THE delinquent student suspected of assaulting Bryan Balgobin a teacher of Lodge Community High School on Wednesday, is yet to be apprehended.

According to a release from the Guyana Police Force, efforts are being made to locate the suspect, a 16-year-old student of Lodge Community High School.

The twenty-one year old teacher who sustained a fractured skull when the third form student struck him in his head was discharged yesterday.

According to students of the school the teacher was scolding a student when he was struck and collapsed.

Teachers had staged a sit in and protest in front of the Education Ministry protesting the system which allowed delinquent students and those that fail repeatedly to remain in the system.

Teacher to be discharged from the St. Joseph's mercy Hospital - Ministry is very concerned about the incident.

Following the incident the Guyana Police Force announced immediate steps to address the problem and announced that investigations are continuing into the alleged assault.

The Police report stated that based on investigations thus far, "we are led to believe delinquent students do form themselves into gangs, in schools. While this is a new development occurring in Guyana, it poses a serious potential danger to teachers and students."

In this regard the Force will be conducting appropriate activities, focusing on schools with the intention of making the school environment safer and to prevent these gangs from establishing roots; robbing students and threatening teachers, the release added.

The Guyana Police Force also called on parents, teachers and guardians to continue to cooperate with the law enforcement officials to ensure that this occurrence becomes a thing of the past.

Meanwhile Chief Education Officer (CEO) of the Education Ministry Ed Caesar expressed concern about the incident and assured that the matter is being dealt with by the Police.