PNC/R organizing 'rule of law' march
Guyana Chronicle
March 12, 2004

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THE PNCR is organizing a march for tomorrow to demonstrate its support for and call on the Government to respect and obey law and order in Guyana.

In a statement yesterday, the PNCR said it has decided to "co-sponsor with other political parties, trade unions and other organizations a march for law and order in Guyana."

The main opposition said the march is one of several activities that will be undertaken "over the next days and weeks, if necessary, to bring the Government to the realization that Guyanese will no longer accept the disrespect with which they have been treated and demand that action be taken to deal with the several matters that are of concern to them.

"Naturally, the major issue of concern is the Gajraj affair and the allegations of death squads in Guyana, but it is not the only issue. Many other issues are of concern to the co-sponsors of the march including, the failure of Government to honour Court Orders that affect workers, the rise in the cost of living and the unbearable electricity rates being demanded by GPL."

Among the co-sponsors of the march are several trade unions - including, the GLU, GPSU, UAAWU, PTWU, GWU, GBGSU; opposition political parties including GAP/WPA, ROAR, Justice For All and other organizations such as The Peoples Movement For Justice (PMJ), and the recently formed umbrella organization to deal with "the Gajraj affair and death squads." Many other organizations including religious organizations are also being encouraged to participate, the PNCR said.

The PNCR said it expects the 'rule of law' march to start from three venues in the city, Public Buildings on Brickdam, Ruimveldt Shopping Plaza in South Ruimveldt Gardens and Sophia from PNCR Headquarters, take several routes through the city and culminate with a rally at the Square of the Revolution, where it will be addressed by representatives of the co-sponsors.

"Police permission for this activity was applied for several days ago and we see no reason why approval would not be granted. Each participating organization has undertaken to provide marshals to ensure that the march is peaceful and orderly and to prevent any troublemaker from infiltrating it to create confusion. We will deal firmly with anyone who attempts to use our march to create mayhem and to sow seeds of disunity.

"The PNCR has from the initial stages of the sordid Gajraj affair...emphasized that it is a national issue, which affects all Guyanese irrespective of race, religion or political affiliation. That is why the PNCR restrained its individual response since January 15 when we officially notified the President of our concerns. We used the period since that time to hold public and community meetings around Guyana to sensitize Guyanese about the dangers of these developments," the statement added.