No concern about Washington’s action
… WICB’S Bowling Review Committee
Guyana Chronicle
March 10, 2004

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THE West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) categorically denies media reports suggesting that young fast-bowler Dwight Washington has been reported to the ICC for his bowling action and omitted from the West Indies team as a result.

The WICB’s Bowling Review Committee has advised that it has no concerns about Washington’s action.

The ICC General Manager for Corporate Affairs, Brendan McClements has also confirmed publicly that there has been no report to the ICC on the matter and is in fact, unaware of Washington playing in any games that would allow him to be reported to the ICC.

The coach of the West Indies team, Gus Logie, has also stated that this was not a consideration in Washington’s omission from the team that will meet England in the First Test tomorrow at Sabina Park.

The facts are that the WICB has implemented a proactive system for early detection of flawed bowling actions. The ICC is not involved but is very supportive of this proactive approach adopted by the WICB.

This programme is designed to take place outside of media scrutiny with a view to ensuring that the system which the WICB has in place is effective and addresses any concerns before players emerge onto the international stage.

It is therefore regrettable that this matter has leaked erroneously into the media and that Washington has been subjected to unfair and unjustified media scrutiny.

To facilitate the early detection programme, WICB has in place a Bowling Review Committee under the chairmanship of former West Indies player Brian Davis. Umpires have been asked to advise WICB of any concerns that they might have about players so that they can be reviewed and dealt with in the early stages.

From time to time suggestions for players to be reviewed are made by other regional cricket experts. In this regard, video footage of a few young players including Washington was recently reviewed.