Cel*Star says ready to begin operations
Guyana Chronicle
February 27, 2004

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CEL*STAR Guyana is ready to commence operations here and has issued a call for the immediate resumption of interconnection work by Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).

The Interconnection Agreement was suspended by GT&T when Cel*Star Guyana's Chief Executive Officer Wesley Kirton and individual or individuals attached Cel*Star Caribbean Incorporated were locked in a dispute in Florida's Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.

A press release following closely on the heels of the announcement of the law suit dismissal noted, "In the recent press conference held by GT&T on the 29th day of January 2004, the company's management cited the Florida dispute as their sole reason for holding up interconnection with Cel*Star Guyana."

The release quoted Chief Operations Officer Pierre Strasser who had stated, "With the dismissal of this law suit, we are hopeful that GT&T will put interconnection work back on track. Cel*Star Guyana is ready to begin offering services as soon as we can install and test the interconnection with GT&T."

Interconnection works by Cel*Star's stalled since October 2003 after GT&T decided to await the outcome of litigation brought against Mr. Wesley Kirton in Florida by his former business associates was pending.

"On Friday the 20th the day of February in the circuit court of Seminole County Florida, the honorable circuit judge Perry dismissed the suit case against Mr. Kirton. Judge Perry held that, although the plaintiffs in the Florida action sued Mr. Kirton individually for damages, no wrongdoing by Mr. Kirton could be found unless the plaintiffs have proved that they, rather than Mr. Kirton, were the rightful initial owners of Cel*Star Guyana," the release pointed out.

Prior to the case being dismissed The Guyana Consumers Association had expressed surprise that GT&T had stopped the process of interconnection and had appealed to the company to reconsider its position.