Florida court dismisses suit against Cel*Star's Kirton
Guyana Chronicle
February 24, 2004

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A COURT in Seminole County, Florida, has dismissed the case against Cel*Star Guyana's Chief Executive Wesley Kirton by an individual or individuals attached to Cel*Star Caribbean Incorporated.

The plaintiffs in Delaware-based Cel*Star Caribbean Inc. had alleged that Kirton misappropriated the stocks and assets of Cel*Star when he established and registered Cel*Star Guyana here.

In a judgment announced in Mr. Kirton's favour in Florida's Eighteenth Judicial Circuit on Friday, February 20, Circuit Judge James C. Perry said the ultimate concern of the court was the serving of the interest of the people.

Judge Perry said the interest of the people and government of Florida in the outcome of the suit was minimal; the only interest Florida had in the dispute was the redress of alleged wrongs committed in Florida against the individual plaintiffs.

"Generally speaking, the public interest is present in any lawsuit filed in Florida. It pales in comparison to the interest the people of Guyana have in this dispute..

"It is therefore ORDERED that this action is DISMISSED, without prejudice, for forum non conveniens."

He also said "the court reserves jurisdiction to enter such further orders as may be necessary to effectuate this order of dismissal."