GCB clears air on team selection

Guyana Chronicle
February 19, 2004

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THE Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has cleared the air on the status of some players in the national team.

The statement comes after what the GCB claims are speculations over the issue of a physical confrontation between two players.

In a release yesterday, the GCB said that they intended to set the record straight about a meeting of the management of the team upon their return from the away Carib Beer matches against Barbados, Dominica and Jamaica.

The statement said that the meeting was not intended to be a post-mortem following successive defeats, but more as an attempt to motivate the players to more positive performances in the four home matches.

The board felt that there was still an outside chance of qualifying for the semifinal in the competition.

The statement said that while the meeting did in fact receive oral reports from the management team about the physical encounter in Dominica, no decision could have been taken on disciplining any player since no formal report had been submitted.

The meeting ended and the members of the selection committee met immediately after to determine the 13 players for the game against the Leeward Islands.

The GCB said the selection was based on the ability, form and recent performances of the players. It said no player was omitted because of disciplinary action, since a formal report had not been submitted.

In the circumstances the board considered any public announcement unnecessary.

The board, however, noted that a formal report has now been submitted and a meeting of the disciplinary committee would be arranged at which all those involved would be given an opportunity to explain what took place.