Fostering job creation through infrastructure development
Guyana Chronicle
February 18, 2004

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GINA -- "THIS is a very important job to me because it enables me to take care of my family and save some money," says Selwyn Barrington, a utility operator for Seereram Brothers Construction Company.

Several jobs have been created through the construction of several infrastructure projects countrywide. The construction of the four-lane road from West Coast Demerara to Ruimveldt to ease the traffic congestion is moving apace.

Persons working on the road have expressed satisfaction with the project, since it provides employment for them. For many it is a first time job while others have been in the trade for many years.

Supervisor for the construction of drains on the Ruimveldt strip of the road Mr. David Johnson, said, "The project means a great improvement for the country and the people and has exposed me a little more to the public." On a personal level Mr. Johnson said the job serves to provide him and his family with their daily bread. He has been working in construction for 15 years.

Mr. Neville Narine, another construction worker, sees the project as a good one for Guyanese which will allow traffic to flow in and out of the city more freely. He stated that the job is satisfying and has opened up many opportunities for the young people of Guyana.

Joseph Luke said, "It is hard to get employment and the job means a lot to me and my family, because I am supporting my family." He started working with the project two weeks ago and said with the experience he is gaining he will continue in this field of work.

For Jevon Roberts, the job is allowing him to support his daughter. He said, "Working with Seereram Brothers has been a good experience for me and I am very grateful for what I have gained so far."

Quincy Archer stated, "The project is doing a lot for me because I have a young daughter to support."

Wainright Hicks, a road inspector, sees the project as betterment for Guyana and his fellow Guyanese. The University of Guyana student said, "This here for me is good progress for my country because you would find that the systems in this part of the city is clogged and the project will build better drainage systems." He also noted that with the imminent World Cup the project would assist a great deal.

He said, "This is a satisfaction to me as a person conscious of road building and this was one of the areas I wanted to work in."

"I just started to work with this company and so far I like the work. Concerning the project I must say I am pleased with it. We have been having problems with the traffic for a long time now, and the project is very timely," said Mr. Mike Earl.

According to Mr. Hussein, "my family depends on me so this job is helping me to provide for them. I have been doing this kind of job for about 24 years." He is in charge of servicing the trucks that transport sand, loam and bricks to the site.

Since 1992 when the People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration took office, several measures were implemented to enhance the quality of life for Guyanese.

The latest available figures on unemployment in Guyana, shows that the rate has been decreasing constantly since the 1970s. The data shows that Guyana's unemployment rate stands at 11.7 percent, which is relatively low, compared with the rest of the Caribbean.

The contract for the four-lane roadway project was signed in October 2003, by Seereram Brothers, at a cost of US $16M and work commenced in November 2003.