Hundreds of youths attend UG Career Day By Shirwin Campbell
Guyana Chronicle
February 14, 2004

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THE University of Guyana's Career Day Exposition, which saw hundreds of youths converging on the university's Turkeyen Campus yesterday, has been hailed by university officials as a major success.

The event, which received massive support as was evident by the numerous cars and big buses parked on the football field and packed booths, was held under the theme "Your Career, Your Choice, Your Future."

The swell increased as groups, some accompanied by teachers, joined the throng at regular intervals throughout the day. Up to 15:30 hrs., one hour before the official closing time, students were still pouring into the fair.

Schools from across the city and also the far-flung regions, including Linden and Berbice, turned up yesterday.

British High Commissioner Steve Hiscock addressed students at the George Walcott Lecture Theatre at the official opening 10:30 hrs.

Speaking to a packed audience, which spilled over into the corridors, he noted that the activity was an exciting venture, and he urged them to participate fully and ask questions.

"While thinking about your future be bold and be open to new ideas," was his advise to the youths. "Have a strong foundation, but be flexible enough to develop new skills," he added.
Some 30 booths representing business entities and governmental organizations bordered the tarmac and spilled over into nearby faculties.

Each booth successfully grasped the attention of the future leaders as they illustrated through innovative means job opportunities available.

While some booths had live demonstrations, videos, pictures, posters and brochures, rabbits were contentedly chewing on grass in the agriculture booth, and solar power was in operation in the booth occupied by Farfan and Mendes.
The Guyana Police Force maintained a large contingent of youths as officers performed numerous demonstrations, including the procedure for lifting and recording fingerprints from a crime scene.

While a few had some negative comments most were attentive and a few even explored the possibility of riding the Police motorcycle.

The booth operated by Georgetown Public Hospital Corp. was a hive of activity as the brave ones surrendered couple drops of blood at the prick of a needle to determine their blood group.

That big and elaborate booth, which was housed in the ground floor of the Communication Center, also provided opportunities for the testing of blood pressure and focused on AIDS and other health issues.
Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) proudly displayed posters of some of its top executives that graduated from the University of Guyana and offered brochures to prospective employees. One poster boldly quoted the company's CEO, Sonita Jagdeo, who spoke at the opening of GT&T's Nortel Internet Lab recently.

Cel*Star, conveniently located a distance away, offered the latest brand of cell phones that have not yet been introduced to the local market, including the cell phones that can take and transmit pictures digitally.

The Guyana Chronicle caught up with Mr. Steve Hiscock on the tarmac surrounded by students in the beaming midday sun having discourse on career choices.

After the discourse, Mr. Steve Hiscock informed The Chronicle that the initiative was a good one and he found most aspiring the number of young people that turned up for the event.

Prime Minister Sam Hinds who had just visited the GT&T booth paused to give the Guyana Chronicle, his views about the career fair.

Describing it as very good, he pointed out that the introduction of jobs available in the country would hopefully motivate them to work to contribute to the building of the country.