Outgoing CoP charges ranks...
Continue to serve with bravery and dedication By Renu Raghubir
Guyana Chronicle
February 12, 2004

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A farewell programme for the outgoing Commissioner of Police (Ag) Mr Floyd Mc Donald was held at Divisional Headquarters, Brickdam Police Station yesterday, by the 'A' Division.

Commissioner Mc Donald recently attended a similar function in Berbice as part of the wrapping up of his term in office.

The well-attended programme, which included the ceremonial inspection of parade, songs, speeches and the presentation of a gift, commenced at 10:00 hrs.

Mr. Mc Donald, in his address to Peace Officers and Inspectors, said he was honoured to be present, since that station held lots of fond memories for him.

He recalled that his association with the 'A' Division was always pleasant, even in difficult times.

"I remember when our ranks were being shot at and killed, the support was always there," he informed the audience which comprised ranks from the Police Force. "My heart goes out to you", he added.

The Commissioner urged the ranks to continue to serve with bravery and dedication to make a better Guyana, nourished with peace and tranquility.

"The key to successful policing is confidentiality. A lot of people don't understand the nature and sacrifices that are also involved," he stated.

He advised the younger policemen/women to respect persons and their rights and to protect the integrity of the force's administration, and warned them to stay out of illegal acts.

He also assured them that their welfare is being watched by the government, and urged them to have patience.

"The Guyana Police Force needs to be more equipped, but it is just a matter of time, for now we have to make use of the resources that are available to us," he pointed out.

Mr. Mc Donald, in concluding, thanked his family and friends for their support throughout his tenure as Commissioner of Police (Ag).

The Commissioner received a gift from Assistant Superintendent of Police Ms. Isaacs and the Guyana Police Force Orchestra played a rendition in his honour.

The outgoing Commissioner, who served in the Guyana Police Force for some 30 years, will be replaced by Mr. Winston Felix effective February 16, 2004.