PM hopes for Cell Star/GT&T resolution
Guyana Chronicle
February 11, 2004

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PRIME Minister, Sam Hinds, who holds responsibility for the telecommunications sector, has expressed the hope that Cel*Star will soon be in a position to establish its inter-connective service locally, offering consumers an additional cellular service.

During a brief interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Mr. Hinds said the lawsuit filed in a US court, surrounding the ownership of the company, has been cited by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) as a basis for not proceeding with the interconnection agreement with Cel*Star.

He said when Government issued an invitation a few years ago for cellular service providers to come on stream to fill the landline void in outlying regions like Berbice, Cel* Star was among the few companies that expressed interest.

He acknowledged that GT&T has upheld its decision not to do business with Cel*Star pending the resolution of the overseas court action, but Mr. Hinds said Trans World Telecom has since come forward as the rightful owners of the company.

"My hope is that this matter will be resolved very soon so that Cel*Star can continue, and GT&T can feel free to proceed with the interconnection agreement," stated the Prime Minister.

He said GT& T has indicated its willingness to proceed with the Cel*Star interconnectivity as soon as the matter is resolved legally.