Shot Buxtonian was wanted for murder, robberies
--- last seen alive outside PNC/R MP's diner
Guyana Chronicle
February 10, 2004

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THE dead man, Mervin Archer, called 'Skittle', was well-known by the police.

On October 18, 2003 a statement from Eve Leary said the police were looking for a number of key suspects whom they believed could assist them their investigations into the disappearance of Vivekanand Nandlall, the Non-Pariel taxi driver who was kidnapped on October 16, 2003 while en route Imax, Enterprise Gardens, for a pickup.

Archer, along with four other men, had been advised by the police to contact them either in the company of an attorney-at-law, or anyone else.

"Failing which they will have to face the long arm of the law," said the police report on October 18, 2003.

Three days after the wanted bulletin was issued for Archer, he turned himself over to the police accompanied by a lawyer.

Archer, 25, formerly of Buxton, was fingered in several armed robberies, including those at gunpoint of minibuses and their commuters at Buxton; and the shooting to death/robbery of a Chinese national, Su Pu Zhog, in December at Su's restaurant at Cove & John, East Coast Demerara.

According to the police, Archer also was linked to the armed robbery of a grocery store at Cove & John.

Archer was forced to flee the troubled village of Buxton in November after he reportedly fell out with members of a gang operating out of that village.

He was said to have just left a diner (Myrna's Diner) owned by PNC/R Member of Parliament Myrna Peterkin on the Haslington Public Road on Saturday night and was about to enter a minibus when he was shot by a lone gunman.

According to reports out of Haslington, Archer moved to Victoria a few months ago and was on his way home after making a purchase when the gunman shot him twice, then exited the route 44 minibus he was traveling in and fled south into that village.

Archer's family said that their home was a place of many visitors who came to enquire about his whereabouts. They refuted the claim that he was armed when he was killed.

The police yesterday said they were not certain if any firearm was found on Archer's person at the scene.

The police have since launched an investigation.