PNC/R woos CARICOM involvement
Guyana Chronicle
January 31, 2004

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THE Leader of the People's National Congress/Reform (PNC/R) and the Parliamentary Opposition, Mr. Robert Corbin, yesterday dispatched a letter to the Chairman of CARICOM, Prime Minister J.P. Patterson, requesting that the political situation facing Guyana be placed on the agenda for discussion by CARICOM Leaders meeting in Jamaica over this weekend.

A PNC/R statement yesterday said the party "had been hesitant to seek such a full involvement of CARICOM before giving President Bharrat Jagdeo the opportunity to demonstrate that, as Head of State and Government, he was prepared to act firmly and resolutely in the national interest.

"Unfortunately, his response has been rather disappointing and is an insult to the people of Guyana."

The PNC/R has asked the Secretary General of CARICOM to facilitate the urgent transmission of Mr. Corbin's letter to the CARICOM Leaders and we hope that they will address this issue as a matter or urgency.