U.S. Ambassador expects transparent investigation
Guyana Chronicle
January 24, 2004

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U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Ronald Bullen, has said he does not know what "credence" there is to information supplied to the United States Embassy by self-proclaimed informant, George Bacchus.

But he expects any investigation into Bacchus' allegations to be transparent.

Mr. Bullen confirmed that Bacchus, who said he was an informant for a death squad with links to Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj, did visit the embassy and supplied information.

Mr. Bullen, however, said he could not say anything about the implication of government officials in the allegations by Bacchus, and preferred to say only, "I just don't know."

In an interview he granted to a local television station and aired last evening, Mr. Bullen said the matter is being investigated by "the relevant authorities within the U.S. government," and he is awaiting a report to see what "credence" was placed "on information provided."

The U.S. envoy said he does expect a "transparent" investigation of the allegations by "the competent" authorities in Guyana.

The Police Commissioner has called on George Bacchus to come forward to properly submit his allegations to the Police for a transparent and thorough investigation into the allegations, but Mr. Bacchus has so far failed to come forward and his once daily revelations have disappeared from the local press.