PNC/R Region Four Councillors waste Council’s time in maligning Minister Gajraj
...Disregard issues important to regional development
Guyana Chronicle
January 23, 2004

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At a regular statutory meeting on Tuesday, PNC/R Councillor Mr. Clement Corlette moved the motion that the standing order of the Council be suspended so that the council could deliberate on and adopt a motion that calls for the resignation of Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Ronald Gajraj.

Kumar said the objection was strenuously raised by all the PPP/C Councillors since it was their desire that the recent expansive flooding in the region and allegations of corruption in local Neighbourhood Democratic Councils be discussed as matters if urgent public interest.

Recently, the Chairman of the Enmore/Haslington NDC, a representative of the PNC/R, was relieved of his duties on the grounds of corruption. Kumar said the rules stipulate that any motion to suspend the standing order must be done 72 hours in advance and must be done in writing, not verbally. The PPP executive member lamented that neither was done.

He said, too, that there are several more important issues relative to Region Four, including the recent floods. He said the insistence of the PNC/R councilors, including Chairman, Mr. Allan Munroe, of the main opposition party, led to the moving of the motion. According to Kumar this was done after about one hour of discussion on whether the motion should be accepted.

This, Kumar said, was followed by a prolonged but irrelevant discussion on the Gajraj resignation calls, after which Chairman Munroe himself agreed with the PPP/C Councillors’ arguments. Kumar said this was to no avail and that the PNC/R was very vocal about the existence of good governance in Guyana and should therefore observe same when the opportunity presents itself. He dubbed Tuesday’s proceedings as illegal and irrelevant to the pressing needs of Region Four.

Kumar said the PNC/R members disregarded the acknowledgement of Chairman Munroe that proper procedure was not being followed and persisted with their attacks on Minister Gajraj. This, he said, prompted a walkout by the PPP/C Region Four Councillors.

Kumar, who is also the Director of Sport, said the PNC/R Councillors’ resort to malign the Minister of Home Affairs was done at the wrong forum. In this regard, he reiterated his call for good governance to prevail. (Government Information Agency)