Costello man killed in robbery spree By Shawnel Cudjoe
Guyana Chronicle
January 22, 2004

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A resident of Costello Housing Scheme was shot dead early yesterday morning by a lone gunman who was alleged to be a burglar.

Reports are that the man had only minutes before robbed a home in the same area.

Dead is forty-six-year-old Raymond Singh of Lot 36 Costello Housing Scheme. Singh succumbed in the arms of his son, from a single gunshot wound to the face.

The father of three was shot around 04:00 hrs. The sound of the shooting shattered the early morning silence, and the man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

When the Chronicle arrived yesterday, relatives were offering words of comfort to Singh's grieving family who were still trying to come to grips with his untimely demise.

His wife of twenty years, Glycis Peters-Singh, told this newspaper that her husband had only minutes earlier returned from the airport. Singh was standing in front of his yard with his son when he saw residents chasing the man.

The tearful woman said that from information received, the man, who shot her husband, was a burglar, since earlier in the night her son had awakened to the sounds of dogs barking and seen a man standing at their gate.

According to the woman, relatives in the area said that the man had earlier burglarized a home in the area and attempted to enter another home.

The occupants of the second house, she said, called the police but they were informed that there were no officers available at that time.

According to Mrs. Peters-Singh, after residents in the area realized the man was stealing, some of them began "raiding him out."

As the gunman approached their house, he was heard shouting, "Yawl wan ketch me" before whipping out a gun and pointing it in the direction of her son who ducked for cover behind a stone in the yard.

However, she said that her husband, who had nowhere to hide, was left to the mercy of the gunman.

The woman said it was her son who first realized that Singh was shot.

"When Damien realized that his father got shot, he ran and picked him up and started bawling. He died in Damien's hands".

The distraught woman said she was about to go into the house when the shot rang out and, as she turned, she saw her husband slump to the ground.

She said the gunman was wearing a pair of three-quarter pants and a long sleeve gray jersey with a hat pulled down in his face at the time.

Although her husband was well known as a taxi driver, Mrs. Peters-Singh said he was never involved in any problems with anyone.

She described her husband as "kind, jovial and all in all a good person".

The man's mother, Rosa Singh, who is in her seventies, was inconsolable. She said through tears that her son should not have died like that.

Besides his wife and children, Singh leaves to mourn two sisters and one brother.

The Chronicle understands that earlier the same man robbed a bicycle shop located at Lot 25 Costello Housing Scheme.

According to Linda Persaud, around 03:55 hrs, she awoke to fix her son Tony on the bed next to her when she realized that a man was stooping in the room.

"I kept calling my son's name because I wanted him to know that I was not asleep," the woman said.

Shortly after, the man exited the home through the kitchen window, from which he had also entered, taking the day's sales with him.

She said it was then she alerted her other son, who lives a little distance from her, that she had been robbed.

Like the dead man's relatives, Ms. Persaud said she was convinced it was the same man who committed the murder.

She said her son began to pursue the thief and Singh was heard telling her son in which direction the burglar escaped.

Persaud said that according to information received from her son, who was not around when this newspaper visited, the burglar was heard saying before the man was shot, "is talk and see you like talk and see".

The burglar also left his slippers at the woman's residence.

Police are investigating.