Calls intensify for Bacchus to come forward

Guyana Chronicle
January 21, 2004

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CALLS continued yesterday for George Bacchus to come forward and give a formal report to the authorities on his 'phantom squad' allegations, after he claimed the political party and media houses he gave interviews to were using his disclosures for political ends.

As some organizations urged the government to conduct an independent investigation into Bacchus' claims, others were intensifying calls for Bacchus to formally tell his story.

Among other things, Bacchus alleged that a phantom squad existed, that the three men charged with Shafeek Bacchus's murder were linked to the squad, that Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj was aware of the existence of the squad, and that he himself was a former squad informant who was being targeted for execution after he began speaking out.

His disclosures ignited an intense anti-Gajraj campaign by the PNC/R and became the center of a media blitz a day he told reporters that the bullets that killed his brother near his Princess Street, Lodge home on January 5 were really meant for him.

Without identifying anyone or organization by name, Bacchus said last week he was wary of politicians and media operatives who were seeking to gain political mileage out of his public disclosures.

He subsequently refused to speak to the media or to the PNCR and has not been heard of for several days.