Lutchman appointment a breach of principle -PPP
Guyana Chronicle
January 18, 2004

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THE People's Progressive Party says it is very concerned at the appointment of Dr. Harold Lutchman as a member of the Disciplined Services Commission.

Dr. Lutchman was recommended by the PNC/R to replace Ms. Maggie Bierne who has resigned.

Dr. Lutchman is a distinguished Guyanese who is highly respected by all sectors of the society including the PPP.

However, the PPP said in a press release that Dr. Lutchman was a member of the delegation of the Trade Union Congress, which gave evidence before the DFC and he is therefore identified with the evidence given by the TUC.

According to the ruling party, the TUC General Secretary, Mr. Lincoln Lewis, giving evidence in Dr. Lutchman's presence, accused the Government of discrimination/ racism.

"Dr. Lutchman gave evidence before the DFC through the TUC and it is therefore wrong, unprincipled and unethical for him to now become a member of the DFC. As an attorney-at-law, Dr. Lutchman knows this and he should have declined the nomination. It is not a question of whether he would actually be biased, but whether there would be a danger of bias, or, in this particular circumstance, whether the public, including the PPP, would be comfortable with such a situation," the release said.

"It is unfortunate that the PNC/R insisted on the nomination of Dr. Lutchman. For this reason, the PPP/C cannot be expected to be automatically bound by the Final Report of DFC which can be tainted by partisan considerations.