US Embassy rejects CH-6 polygraph claim
Guyana Chronicle
January 15, 2004

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A CLAIM by the C.N. Sharma-owned Channel 6, that self-styled informant George Bacchus had gone to the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown and taken a polygraph or lie detector test on his allegations, has been rejected by the U.S. Embassy.

The polygraph report, on the television's newscast yesterday evening, apparently sought to imply that Bacchus was telling the truth when he alleged that he knew who killed his brother, Shafeek Bacchus last Thursday, and that Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj was aware of the existence of a phantom force.

But a U.S. Embassy source said late yesterday that the Channel 6 news report was "a fabrication of the truth."

According to the source, the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown does not have a polygraph or lie detector machine.

"Whenever requests for such a service are made, the Embassy has to send the persons involved overseas.

"Such is the case with a number of CANU officers who have to sent abroad to take requested polygraph tests," the source added.