Kamarang District Hospital re-commissioned
Guyana Chronicle
January 14, 2004

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GINA -- "Human development is priority for the Government." So said Minister of Local Government and Regional Development at the re-commissioning of the Kamarang District Hospital yesterday, in Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni).

Accompanying the Minister were senior officials from the Ministry of Health, who had a first hand look at problems facing residents in the community.

Chief Medical Officer Rudolph Cummings said that training of Medexes and nurses is an important element.

The Ministry is to assist persons to receive relevant training so that they can return to their communities and serve their people.

One of the initiatives being broadened by the Ministry to enhance health facilities in the hinterland communities, is the provision of vaccines.

"We will focus on a project to ensure that vaccination is easily accessible to children, especially in remote communities," said Cummings.

Minister Nokta stressed that although the geographical locations of these villages can be a hindrance, development will continue.

"I want you to know that the Government will continue to look at your needs and well being," Minister Nokta told the gathering.

He pointed out that the hospital was in a deplorable condition and emphasis was placed on completing the new building." The personnel at the hospital will be focused on," added the Minister. He also commended the contractors of the project for their excellent work.

Funding has been requested by the Region to construct an Outpatient's and secondary levels.