PNC/R backs DFC, police strengthening
--- says people deserve safe environment
Guyana Chronicle
January 9, 2004

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The People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) has announced its support of the work of the Disciplined Forces Commission and promises to ensure with diligence that all of its recommendations are implemented.

Speaking to the members of the media yesterday at its first press conference for 2004, the party stated that the Guyana Police Force must be strengthened to become the bulwark in the fight against societal disintegration, which the country is presently experiencing.

"The investigative arm of the force must be modernized and updated with the best technological aids available" PNC/R stated and urged the immediate constitution of the Police Service Commission and that all of the officers who have been waiting for years for promotion are dealt with immediately with all benefits intact.

"We demand that police ranks are paid a living and respectable wage. We reiterate our call for police/community relations to be targeted for improvement not through strengthening renegade community policing groups but by ensuring that the police force is the primary law enforcement agency in Guyana" PNC/R noted.

"The people of Guyana deserve a healthy and safe environment to live in. Peace and stability cannot come unless we accept that the rule of law must be restored in Guyana. For so long as ordinary people see their leaders make one set of laws for themselves and another for the rest of us, we will have anarchy and be adrift in the wilderness indefinitely. It is the time for the people of Guyana to stand up for justice and fair play" the party concluded.