Shock, dismay over "Shaffie" Bacchus murder By Michel Outridge
Guyana Chronicle
January 7, 2004

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Yesterday when the Guyana Chronicle visited the residence of slain cattle farmer, George "Shaffie" Bacchus, 45, of Lot 76 Princes Street, Lodge, the scene was of relatives, friends and neighbours still in shock and dismay as more and more people showed up to confirm whether their loved one was truly dead.

Close friends and acquaintances converged under the trees, on the southern side of the street, just outside his four-storeyed house, all in disbelief as they reflected on the life of Bacchus who was regarded as a hard worker.

His son, Derreck Bacchus, 25, who was seated several feet away from where his father's blood was evident said that he was not at home when his father was shot. He said that he returned home about 10: 00 pm that evening after leaving the gym and heard the dreadful news.

"I could not believe it because this (pointing to the spot where his father would sit and have his peanuts) he always limed here with his friends it was customary after retiring from a hard day's work," said Derreck.

Derreck related that when he arrived his father's bloodied body was already taken to the Mortuary and everything was over.
Bacchus was a popular man who grew up in the area and was known to be very industrious and friendly.

"Up to Boxing Day me and he was talking right here under this tree and I can't believe he is dead," said the dead man's brother yesterday.

Relatives are of the opinion that it was the case of mistaken identity because Bacchus was not known to have any conflict with anyone and the family was unable to think of anything, which warranted such an act from the gunmen who riddled Bacchus's body before driving off.

A close friend, on his arrival at the residence asked, "Is how dis thing really happened?" as he shook his head in bewilderment.

George "Shaffie" Bacchus was gunned down on Monday night in front of his home at about 7:30 pm by a group of men in a white car.
The father of two was reportedly shot some 10 times about the body while he sat on a painted boulder under a tree just outside his house eating peanuts as usual.

His wife, Jean Bacchus, is trying to cope with the sudden and untimely death of her husband and still is in great shock and disbelief that he was killed in such a brutal way.

A post mortem is expected today.

Nine millimeter spent shells were recovered at the scene and suggested that the men used handguns.

The police have since launched an investigation into this execution style killing.

On Sunday night about 02:45 hours a popular cambio dealer, Lance Klass, was shot twice by two bandits who broke into his home on Hadfield Street, Lodge, and carted off with a large quantity of gold jewellery and cash.

Death for Bacchus was instantaneous.