Region Four worst hit by heavy rainfall
- Minister Sawh
Guyana Chronicle
January 4, 2004

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(GINA) -Over the past week, heavy rainfall has caused flooding throughout the country, with Region Four being the worst hit.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Crops and Livestock Satyadeow Sawh, in a media briefing yesterday, spoke of mechanisms implemented to alleviate flooding.

"Our priority is to get the water off and from what I have seen, I am satisfied with the efforts being made," said Minister Sawh.

Representatives from the Meteorological Office, Drainage and Irrigation, Guyana Sugar Cooperation and Regional Office, Region Four were in attendance to notify reporters on the implementations.

Meteorological Officer Dilip Jaigopaul, in an update on the weather condition, said that Regions Two, Four, Five and Six recorded above normal rainfall, ranging from five to 30 per cent.

Most of the rain fell after December 27 with a daily reading of 50 to 70 millimeters, equivalent to two inches of rainfall.

January's forecast is less than the rainfall obtained in December 2003.

"And the next two weeks is likely to be wetter than the rest of the month, that is after the 14th or 15th of January," added Jaigopaul.

General conditions should be moderately wet in Regions One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven and Ten, while Region Eight should be wet and Region Nine should be reasonably dry.

"We have a very high probability in the Regions that are going to be wet where the rainfall is going to be six to seven per cent to 133 per cent above the normal. We are of the view that there will be high intensity rainfall for a day or two with thunderstorms," the Meteorologist stated.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of D&I Ravi Narine said any rainfall that exceeds one inch per day will cause flooding in the Region Four area.

Additionally, spring tides are being experienced, so the available hours of drainage through sluices are curtailed.

However, he noted that the Region and GUYSUCO are working assiduously to have the working sluices and pump stations maintained and working efficiently.

Some sluices and pump stations are working on a 24-hour basis. These are at: Cane Grove, Strasthaven, Hope Estate, Victoria, Golden Grove, Enmore, and Triumph/Beterverwagting.

"Some of the electrical pumps will work continuously and we have alerted Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to provide electricity," said Narine.

Meanwhile, the Minister said he is happy with the collaborative effort with the D&I, Guysuco and the Regional Office.

GUYSUCO's role is to assist with the sluices and pump stations, at Ogle, Montrose, Good Hope, Hope, Foulis, Starthspey, and Annandale. Regional Four Chairman Allan Monroe indicated that all the pumps and sluices are working, but said that between the conservancy and crown dams, the water is building up. He had recommended desilting to be done in several canals.

He has spoken to the Minister who promised to speak to the Finance Minister to release funds to start works.

Other Regions are being monitored on a daily basis.