PNCR never finds anything positive to say about the Government
Stabroek News
March 13, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr Trotman's letter of March 5, 2004 captioned "If the government does positive things I will write about them" and should like to point out that Mr Trotman confirms my impression that he chooses to find nothing positive to say about the PPP/C government based on his pervasive hostility. Even when the government is trying to peacefully resolve the dispute with Suriname over Guyana's territory in the Atlantic Ocean by international arbitration as is provided for by the Law of the Sea Convention signed by both Guyana and Suriname, in order to access what is believed to be vast oil resources for the benefit of the Guyanese people, Mr Trotman's party reacts with hostility and criticism. They cannot bear to even contemplate something positive being done by the government much less to acknowledge it.

This demonstrates the blinkered attitude of Mr Trotman and his party to any achievement of the government of which there are many, too numerous to enumerate. It is no surprise therefore, that Mr Trotman, true to form, utilises an observation by me in relation to his articles in the Stabroek News to react in such a vehement manner; this is their policy - relentless and vehement criticism at every opportunity and for any reason, even for no reason, as in this case.

Yours faithfully,

Donald Ramotar, M.P.

General Secretary

People's Progressive Party