Da Silva should reach out to young politicians
Stabroek News
March 12, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Permit me to ask the leader of the All Races Party if he thinks he can be the 'John Kerry' of Guyana.

Uncle Eddie strikes me as a political floor crosser doing some late whistle-blowing on issues known to the smallest child in Guyana. Come on Ed, tell us something we do not know or perhaps something we would like to know.

Tell me Uncle Eddie, before you joined the P.P.P/C. were you unaware of its ideology and policies and while you were a part of the party could you not see what the P.N.C stood for? Did you have to cross over to see what you are now saying about the P.N.C?

I have to admit I find you a bit 'near sighted' and that is not a plus for an aspiring president of all races. I will advise that you take a closer look at the party you have and be sure that that is where you wish to be. It will be catastrophic to cross your own floor!

However, if you are for real and to be taken seriously in the race for all race togetherness at a political and national level, your first challenge will be to shake the very foundations of the P.P.P. and the P.N.C.

Your first task is to convince the young, brilliant and promising minds of both parties to rally around you. Raphael Trotman and the latest reject of the P.P.P. should begin to give you a bit of the 'Kerry' status.

Best of luck.

Yours faithfully,

Norman Browne