New party seems to have sound policies
Stabroek News
March 11, 2004

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Dear Editor,

This newly formed political party by the name of All Races Congress, ARC, is good news to many of us Guyanese.

The leader of this party, Mr. Eddie Rousa Da Silva, if I remember correctly, was a parliamentarian with both the PPP/Civic and the PNC Reform. It is rumoured that he left both parties in utter disgust because of their policies.

According to his speech during the launching of his party, ARC., he describes the PPP and the PNC as race-based parties. How very true!

What impressed me most is the thrust of the speech he made during the launching of his party. It centred on economics. As he states, the country needs to concentrate more on economics and less on politics. What a refreshing coincidence to hear this man voicing what many of us Guyanese know and understand to be the unadulterated truth. Many of us Guyanese are tired of the destructive and meaningless politics in our country.

One of the main policies of this party ARC, according to its leader, is the intention to invite large foreign investors from the U.S., Canada and Europe among others to, as he calls it, 'come invest' in Guyana.

Guyanese need jobs and well-paying jobs. This party, ARC, under this leader seems to have the right ideas to develop our country.

I consider myself a young man at the age of twenty-eight. Like many other young people in Guyana I realize that jobs are the key to a reasonable standard of living. And the only way to find such jobs is by having the large foreign investors bring their factories and technologies to our country. If people have good jobs they wouldn't resort to crime. So says Mr. Da Silva. And this makes sense.

I can only hope that the young people of Guyana are listening to this tuned-in leader and his Party, ARC.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Ramsammy