An apology from Mr Ramjattan was conveyed to Mrs Jagan at an executive committee meeting
Stabroek News
March 5, 2004

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Dear Editor,

The Stabroek News editorialized on February 24, 2004 that Mr Khemraj Ramjattan "offered an apology to Mrs Jagan through Mr Nagamootoo which was never accepted."

On Friday, February 27, Mrs Janet Jagan responded under the caption, "I received no apology," by saying: "I venture to say that at no time did Moses Nagamootoo ever present Khemraj Ramjattan's apology‚€¦"

On February 28, 2004 I sent a letter to Mrs Janet Jagan concerning this matter. I confirmed that Mr Ramjattan apologised on January 22, 2003 before an Executive Sub-Committee for certain remarks he had made against Mrs Jagan. It was I who had persuaded Mr Ramjattan to apologise.

That apology was conveyed by Mr Reepu Daman Persaud and myself to the Executive Committee at a meeting at which Mrs Jagan was present.

The misunderstanding over this matter would have been avoided had Mr Ramjattan been asked to make a written apology to Mrs Jagan. We had made no such stipulation to Mr Ramjattan.

On another matter, I have noted some nasty attacks on my person in a letter appearing in Stabroek News on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 under the caption "No one accused Ramjattan of taking news to the US Embassy." The letter was written by Robert Persaud in his declared capacity as "Public Relations Secretary and a member of the Central and Executive Committees of the People's Progressive Party."

For now, I do not propose to waste any time in replying to Mr Persaud's ill-advised fulminations against me in public. I have chosen to lodge a complaint with the PPP General Secretary. I am giving Mr Persaud an opportunity to make a suitable apology for, and public retraction of his offending remarks.

Yours faithfully,

Moses V Nagamootoo