Ramjattan has a very positive record
Stabroek News
February 28, 2004

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Dear Editor,

The PPP has a track record for their campaigns to assassinate the character of any person whom they target, especially if that person politically challenges the PPP, speaks out or exposes them for their mismanagement and incompetence. Mr. Clement Rohee was on NTN Channel 69 Television on Friday 20th February, 2004 on a programme entitled "Defending Party Principles". Rohee's programme was weak, ridiculous, and comical and was designed to assassinate Khemraj Ramjattan's character.

Ramjattan is well known for his intelligence, honesty, integrity and fair-mindedness. His status as a lawyer and politician are always above board. The Freedom House gang is scared that some time in the future Ramjattan will hold leadership of the party, hence the party's deliberate act to destroy him early. This brilliant advocate has saved the PPP from being swept away in a political storm after the PNC filed an election petition against the PPP to nullify the 1997 election. Ramjattan argued that case on behalf of the PPP against several eminent lawyers and was successful in his legal battle. The ruling party should have treated Ramjattan with trust and respect.

He saved his party and political colleagues from entering a political wilderness and tried to educate them in the handling of political affairs. Instead of being grateful, they took offence and attacked him at all levels.

Yours faithfully,

Vedwattie Ramjkumar