The filthiest place in Guyana
Stabroek News
February 28, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Looking for the filthiest place in Guyana? Look no further than Rosignol. Located where the old train line intersects the public road is the weekday market that also serves as a pig sty and garbage dump. The many vendors who are also now invading the main road were ordered to move by the courts but thanks to several TV personalities especially some from as far as Georgetown, they have refused to move.

Now they have gotten more daring and have moved many of their stands on to the main road and in front of several stores in the village. These vendors would sell their produce and dump the spoilt or rotten remains right where they are selling and this results in a large number of pigs that roam the area day and night.

Several residents have made complaints but they fall on deaf ears. The market continues to grow in size and is posing a serious traffic hazard as school children are forced to walk onto the main road as the parapets are blocked by the stands.

Anyone who attempts to talk to the vendors about their actions is abused or cursed. When the regional administrators are contacted they say that the market will have to move when the road resurfacing is done shortly.

The new road is supposed to be built near the market but the vendors make it clear that they have every intention to return as soon as the resurfacing is completed.

It seems that there is no help for the residents of Rosignol who are left to deal with this mess.

Yours faithfully,

J. Blackwell