We have launched a signature campaign in support of Comrade Ramjattan
Stabroek News
February 28, 2004

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Dear Editor,

We have been listening to the confusion at Freedom House pertaining to the expulsion of Comrade Khemraj Ramjattan from the party. Mr Kellawan Lall came to Berbice and told us that Comrade Ramjattan is selling out the party and has been giving out information and as a result he must be expelled. We have since found out that this is a blatant lie and we believe that Mr Lall does not really know the love we have for Comrade Ramjattan. We dare him to come here next time with his nonsense. Who is Kellawan Lall?

As the leader of the PYO Comrade Ramjattan was always there for us whenever we needed help, especially with legal and court matters. He never charged a cent! He taught us how to respect ourselves and to stand up for our rights. We remember Comrade Cheddi used to say that he was one of our future (young) leaders. What is happening at Freedom House against our Berbicians is unacceptable and we urge Comrade Ramjattan to stand up for his rights.

We understand that there are people at Skeldon who are signing a petition to get rid of Comrade Ramjattan. These people are soup drinkers for the party, they do nothing for the people and anybody will tell you that. They promise you everything and since Comrade Cheddi closed his eyes, everybody runs for the soup.

We urge Comrade Ramjattan to keep his seat in parliament and our brother and father Comrade Moses must ensure he remains there. We demand the party reverse their decision. We have launched a signature campaign and will release the thousands of signatures. We love you Prak.

Yours faithfully,

Bimal Singh, Hardat Kishore, Pauline Persaud, Rupdai Samaroo, Dilip Dasrath, Hansraj Gossai, Rawattie Kumar, Sugrim Persram, Doodnauth Paltoo, Mohamed Assad, Raymond Smith, Shanaz Khan, Pooran Lakraj and Shameer Rahim.