I received no apology
Stabroek News
February 27, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to your attention an error in your editorial of February 24, 2004 in which you write "... he (K. Ramjattan) was not called before an Executive Council meeting for this but offered an apology to Mrs Jagan through Mr Nagamootoo which was never accepted."

Being aware that it is always to my disadvantage to correct things incorrect, I venture to say that at no time did Moses Nagamootoo ever present Khemraj Ramjattan's apology. In fact, reading about it in the press (Stabroek News) I wondered why Mr Ramjattan would ask anyone to express something to me on his behalf. His office is less than a block away from mine.

In closing, I take this opportunity of offering free advice to young women entering the field of politics, and I quote from former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt - have the skin of a rhinoceros and you'll succeed. I took her advice long ago.

Yours faithfully,

Janet Jagan