29 say yes, 2 say no
Stabroek News
February 24, 2004

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Dear Editor,

With twenty nine signatures the PPP has expelled Khemraj Ramjattan. Two members present, Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo say they heard and declared that Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo made certain disparaging remarks to Khemraj about taking information to the US embassy.

Twenty nine persons say they did not hear this. Now two things are happening here:

Twenty nine yes men said no.

Two no men said yes.

Twenty nine members are correct, and the two are malicious liars or they are saying the truth. Now my question is: If the twenty nine are saying the truth why are Moses and Khemraj lying and vice versa. Now given the party is telling the truth both Khemraj and Moses have maliciously slandered the President and have shown gross disrespect to the Central Committee Then how can you expel one without the other?

On the other hand, if these two are telling the truth, we have twenty nine plus yes men.

I consider myself literate, intelligent and a political animal. My heart is with this party. These are my friends and comrades, but so are Khemraj and Moses, wherein lies the confusion.

Only the truth shall set me free.

Yours faithfully,

Virjanand Brijmohan