It was refreshing to see Trotman coming to Ramjattan's defence
Stabroek News
February 17, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Congratulations to your newspaper for giving¬ a strong voice of support¬ to such¬ decent men as Mr Khemraj Ramjattan and Mr Raphael Trotman.

I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to Mr Ramjattan for being promoted out of the stultifying, stuffy air of the so-called 'Freedom House.' Now this fine gentleman can move on to really play an effective role in Guyana's rescue from the hands of people lacking vision and taste and class.

I believe the ruling party has, sadly, now started the clock ticking towards its demise at the next elections. I say sadly because we all know that the Opposition offers an even more frightening alternative as a government.

I write this letter to urge Ramjattan and such men as Raphael Trotman to join forces to¬ rescue Guyana from its fate as a debased nation in the world community of nations. I urge these fine sons of the soil to continue to lobby international forces to influence Guyana's governance for the good of the entire nation. We all need to support these noble leaders, if we are to wrest the nation out of the hands of a few people who hug the treasures of the land for themselves.

In the same breath, I would also warn these guys and other 'voices of good conscience' that times are perilous in Georgetown. Beware the blatant disregard for law and order. Injustice reigns supreme, so it seems necessary that you watch your back.

It was so refreshing to see Trotman coming to Ramjattan's defence in his Stabroek News column last Sunday. A few decent men with strong backbones¬ are still around. What a joyful sound their voices make.

Keep the torch going guys. You have friends. Continue to stand up for decency, justice and what is right for the people of Guyana. History will reward you handsomely.

Meanwhile, I hope Stabroek News keeps¬ the public¬ up to date on the progress of Ramjattan and the others who are fighting for decent government, so that we can help and support¬ them where we can.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun Michael Samaroo