Those children are scarred for life
Stabroek News
February 14, 2004

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Dear Editor,

After reading about the abuse those children suffered (SN 2/12/04) I am full of rage. As a father of seven I love children and cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel to a child.

I will put some of the blame on the mother and the grandmother and all others who knew of this situation and didn't do enough about it. Those children are scarred for life but they are still young and with God's help they may overcome, but their scars will be a constant reminder.

As for the father, he needs a lot of help. How can one, especially a father, be so cruel to his own children. I do hope the Government institutes laws that allow teachers who might see obvious signs and scars of abuse to point this out to the headmaster or headmistress who in turn can contact the relevant authority and the police be called in and upon proof of abuse the necessary steps be taken to remedy the situation regardless of who is involved.

As for the father I hope the law provides for him to be given strokes with an approved instrument. It is the wish of one of his children and I hope that's the law. He committed a heinous crime and must be made to pay for it. I do hope the other parents who are like him take note. Let his punishment be a lesson. Innocent children must not be made to suffer, they are the future of any country.

Yours faithfully,

Nat Griffith